Homestuck Flashes
so, not to rush you but when are you going to start uploading again?

When I regain the appropriate software. I lost it when I got a new computer and don’t remember what it was called. It didn’t work terribly well, but searches have shown me that converting from .swf’s to other video types isn’t that easy. I’m working on finding the appropriate software in my spare time and will get this back up as soon as is conveniently possible.


No new videos have come up for two reasons

  1. Technical issues with the software I use
  2. A busy life

But as soon as I get the software working again videos will start to slowly come back up. Also, downloads will be switched from Dropbox to Mediafire in order to provide a better downloading experience.

I thank you for your patience and promise to start uploading as soon as I can

[S] ==> (Homestuck Intro)

Page - Download

[S] John: Play Haunting Piano Refrain 

Page - Download


I made this blog to provide access to all of the Flash Animations in Homestuck. I will post videos of the animations in HD and provide download links. I won’t instantly have all of the flashes on here, but over the next few weeks or so I’ll be uploading them here.